Aug 12, 2011

Deakin University selects VI-grade motorcycle solutions

VI-grade GmbH, the leading provider of best-in-class products and services to bridge the gap between real world testing and technical simulation, today announced that Deakin University, one of the new generation of Australian universities, selected the VI-grade suite of solutions dedicated to 2-wheel vehicles and based on VI-Motorcycle.

The engineering team at Deakin University will use VI-Motorcycle to assess and optimize the dynamic performance of a revolutionary cross-over fun vehicle characterized by ultra low fuel consumption and emissions, that combines fun to drive, low cost, and small size of a scooter together with the safety, comfort and easiness to operate of a car.

“Higher safety risks together with special skill requirements for the driver and much lower comfort compared to normal cars are the main reasons why motorbikes represent only a fraction of all vehicle sales in developed countries” says Frank Will, Senior Lecturer, Deakin University. “Such a product will address customer priorities such as safety, affordability, fun and efficiency (SAFE) and we will use VI Motorcycle to analyze the highest priority issue, which is safety. Thanks to VI-Motorcycle, for example, we could finetune the dynamic behavior of the SafeRide™ fully automatic tilting control system, that enables to build the vehicle with a full enclosure, since the driver does not need to put the feet on the ground to balance the vehicle when he stops.”

Warwick Marx, Managing Director of Compumod, says: “This success proves once again that, through our products and services, we enable our clients to eliminate slow and costly physical testing by creating and testing "virtual prototypes" that can be quickly evaluated for performance to achieve lasting competitive advantage.”

“We are happy to report the first commercial success through Compumod,” says Guido Bairati, Sales Director, VI-Grade. “This demonstrates the efficiency of our commercial strategies, that relies on a capillary network of experienced and respected resellers. We are looking forward to a continuous a fruitful collaboration in Australia and New Zealand!”

Video and images of this project can be viewed at: http://www.deakin.edu.au/news/2011/080811futurecar.php