Aug 10, 2011

Configure One Primes the Pump With New Partnership Agreement With Engineered Software, Inc

Industry leading pump selection software (PUMP-FLO) provider to offer Concept product configurator as part of a comprehensive solution.

Configure One™, a leading provider of web-based product configurator and electronic catalog software, today announced a partnership agreement with Engineered Software, Inc., a leading provider pump selection software. Under the terms of this agreement, Engineered Software, Inc. will integrate Configure One’s Concept Enterprise Product Configurator® to its PUMP-FLO™ software solution. The new product will be called PUMP-FLO Insight.

“PUMP-FLO Insight utilizes the technology from Engineered Software’s industry standard pump selection tool with the expertise of Configure One’s highly regarded Concept configuration application,” said Michael Blondin, chief operating officer for Engineered Software, Inc. “The end result of combining these two best-in-class software products into one total solution is simply the best selection, configuration, pricing, and quoting product available to the pump equipment industry.”

In the past, PUMP-FLO’s strategy was to allow its customers to select any product configurator to supplement their pump selection software. “While this was a flexible option, we came to realize over time that this strategy wasn’t meeting the needs of many in the pump industry.” said Blondin. “Our customers really wanted an integrated solution from a single vendor. We’d worked with Configure One in the past, and knew that it met our customers’ requirements. Concept is flexible, technologically advanced, and easy-to-use. Another important factor was that we could customize the “look and feel” of Concept, so the integration is transparent to our users.”

Blondin feels that his company made the right choice with Configure One. “We feel like we have found the perfect partner in Configure One. They are a well-respected organization that has been operating in the industrial equipment market for years. They bring an expertise to configuration services that we couldn’t find anywhere else.”

According to Mike McDonnell, Configure One’s vice president of product development, the fact that Engineered Software has extensive experience of working with many different product configurators and selected Configure One, is a testament to Concept’s functionality, flexibility, and ease of integration. “We’re very excited about adding Engineered Software, Inc. to our growing list of strategic partners. PUMP-FLO software is already recognized as an industry leader, and the addition of Configure One’s product configuration and quoting capabilities, will further streamline the entire quote-to-order process for pump manufacturers, distributors, and operators.”