Aug 23, 2011

AMPS Technologies Co. Releases AMPS 6.6

AMPS Technologies Co. has announced that AMPS 6.6 with Sefea™ is now available for download at www.ampstech.com after nearly a year of rigorous beta testing.

Sefea™, Strain-Enriched Finite Element Analysis, is truly breakthrough FEM technology, utilizing automatic generated low-order tetrahedron elements to achieve results virtually equivalent to legacy methods employing large numbers of 2nd-order tetra or brick elements.

“In our benchmark AMPS 6.6 with Sefea™ produced results virtually equivalent to the 2nd or higher order element results - yet with only 20% or fewer amount of the nodes. And because of the lower-order interpolation field, it does not produce oscillatory local results like 2nd-order family elements, and
needing no hourglass mode controls such as the popular low-order brick elements. The simple low-order
tetrahedral elements are also much more stable in dynamics, contact and impact simulations without the typical 2nd-order side-node vibrations noise. It is also insensitive to tetra/triangle mesh distortion and has a high convergence rate.” Dr. Michael L. Blake, Chief Technology Officer, AMPS Technologies Co.

Not only does this make design simulation easier to use with the robust automatic tetra mesher inside AMPS, they solve faster and are more realistic than ever before.

“We have found the results from high quality hexahedron/brick mesh created using special tools such as meta-meshing or other legacy tools can actually be less accurate than the low-order Sefea™ tetra model,
since brick meshes have specific mesh alignment preference and results are also sensitive to mesh distortion. For some instability analysis, an analyst will have to insert a “mesh noise" correction in order to get the correct buckling results.” Dr. Ted Lin, Product Manager, AMPS Technologies Co.

The product of years of academic, industrial, and defense research, AMPS Technologies Co., working with
several key partners, has combined the meshless and the finite element methods to include large deformations, multiphysics (stress, thermal, CFD, and electro-magnetic), and nonlinear materials.
AMPS 6.6 with Sefea™ brings the power of this cutting edge research to commercial applications. Now everyday engineers, who might have used FEA only sparingly, can get the same results as experienced analysts - without all the complexity and pain.

AMPS 6.6 also contains many new features: The latest multithread finite element engine now uses a proprietary “lock free” thread pool technology which pushes all cores in all CPUs to the system’s limit.

The refined mesh generation now will handle large assembly parts with automatic material boundary preservation, meshing consistency, and parts interference checking and repair. These enhanced features, along with Sefea™ technologies, help the AMPS users cut down the analysis time and efforts, and speed up product design cycles and trim the total product costs.