Aug 10, 2011

AICON sells TubeInspect in Belgium to Fomeco

AICON has sold a TubeInspect S in Belgium! Fomeco, specialist for sheet and tube manufacturing for the automotive industry and machine constructors, is highly impressed by its high efficiency.

Next to Fomeco’s constant care to deliver high quality products at competitive rates, the company also aims at offering an excellent service to their customers. Consequently, customer satisfaction is the first goal of Fomeco’s business. The company resolutely chooses a growing strategy and is determined to establish a long-term relation with all the customers. The highly accurate and fast TubeInspect system exactly meets the wishes of the Belgian company.

At the Tube fair in Düsseldorf 2008, general manager Vincent Bayart was able to convince himself for the first time from the flexibility, simple use and accuracy of AICON’s TubeInspect. The expected cost savings were very impressive. After careful consideration Fomeco said goodbye to the previously used articulated arm. In comparison with the optical tube measuring system the arm is inflexible, time consuming, less accurate and thus more expensive. Finally, in May of this year, TubeInspect S was placed in Zwevegem/Belgium, and Fomeco’s staff was trained on the new system. In the next step the existing CNC bending machines and the TubeInspect S will directly be connected by data link. This connection enables the correction or set up of bending machines in a few minutes only.

After several weeks of experience with TubeInspect S, Vincent Bayart is very positive about the new system. For the CEO the time saved with TubeInspect is a major advantage over the articulated arm: “With an arm the measurement time of a typical tube was about 20 to 30 minutes. Now with TubeInspect we need only a few minutes for a complete measurement including the presentation of results.”