Jul 22, 2011

Zero Wait-State Introduces the Oracle Agile PLM Upgrade Express

The Agile PLM Upgrade Express streamlines Agile PLM upgrades and allows customers to preview results before they commit to do an actual upgrade.

Zero Wait-State has introduced an automated way for clients to upgrade to new versions of Oracle's Agile PLM software (see video). Leveraging a sophisticated web backbone and a virtual environment clients can upload information and preview the results before they even commit to actually upgrading their system. This application streamlines a fairly involved process for upgrades that has traditionally been delivered via consulting services. This new methodology significantly reduces the price and timeframe for an upgrade. Check it out.

"This is another example of Zero Wait-State's commitment to leverage technology to its fullest and to continue to automate processes, shorten delivery times, and reduce cost," stated Stephen Porter, CEO of Zero Wait-State. He continues,"We will further expand our offerings in this area to allow companies to more efficiently utilize their product lifecycle management technology and lower the cost of ownership while improving capabilities."

Zero Wait-State delivers focused value in the Product Lifecycle Management solution space. We are the leading provider of Engineering Collaboration Solutions for Oracle's Agile PLM. We have successfully deployed PLM integration solutions at clients like Harris Corporation, John Deere, Paccar and Cisco. Zero Wait-State also has a long history of data migration success helping organizations move from legacy systems to new solutions with minimal disruptions. We leverage our DesignState platform to help companies connect different applications across the enterprise and move data from system to system. Zero Wait-State offers a complete solution for companies looking to optimize their product development process.