Jul 20, 2011

Xisis Partner with SpaceClaim, to take the World’s Fastest Solid Modeler to UK Engineering

Xisis (pronounced ex-eye-sis) today announced their partnership with SpaceClaim, the US based 3D CAD software giant. Xisis will be reselling the SpaceClaim solid modelling solution, as well as providing consultation, development, training and transition services to UK manufacturing and engineering customers. To date, SpaceClaim have been focusing on the US market. Now Xisis are making it possible for UK organisations to take advantage of the flexibility and ease of use which SpaceClaim provides.

SpaceClaim enables engineering and analysis teams to collaborate more efficiently, by facilitating access to 3D models and data across the engineering team. It is unique in its ability to allow stakeholders, from across the business (not just CAD engineers), to have an input in the product design process at an early stage.

Because SpaceClaim is a direct modelling solution, it requires no historic data, normally associated with more traditional CAD tools. This means SpaceClaim can import Catia, DWG, DXF, SKP files, etc. and users can start manipulating the data, within seconds. The beauty of SpaceClaim is in its simplicity; a typical user, with no previous CAD experience, can be proficient with the tool, within one day. The hardware requirements for SpaceClaim are minimal, requiring no major investment in IT systems. The software also allows users to work from a mouse, tablet, or even a touch screen.

SpaceClaim’s flexibility and intuitive interface has led existing users to report 10 times more productivity, due to the speed in which models can reach the approval stage. Current users also win more business, because of the flexibility during the concept and bid modelling stages. The tool is so simple and intuitive; amends can be made to a design, right before a customer’s eyes.

Xisis have been established as a SpaceClaim reseller and development partner, in order to add value to UK customers, by providing a development, deployment and product training resource. UK organisations will be able to take advantage of SpaceClaim’s flexibility and ease of use, tailored to their own exacting requirements. As both a Microsoft and SpaceClaim development partner, Xisis can tailor the application to fit within current business processes, integrating with existing legacy systems.

Steve Evans – Xisis Ltd, commented, “We’re delighted to be bringing this fantastic tool to the UK market. We are now in a position to help UK engineering companies compete with the rest of the world. UK organisations will soon be able to take advantage of a CAD tool, optimised for ease of use for their specific requirements, which will provide clearly demonstrable and compelling returns on investment.”