Jul 25, 2011

Utility Companies Adopt Intergraph® InService 8.2 as the Solution for Operations, Control and Dispatch

Intergraph Customers Continue to Upgrade Outage Management and Mobile Workforce Management Systems.

Huntsville, Ala., July 22, 2011 - Utilities across the United States are migrating toward Intergraph®’s InService 8.2, an enhanced solution for operations and control in the dispatch center. Five Intergraph customers have upgraded to version 8.2, including Central Vermont Public Service, Knoxville Utilities Board, Oncor, PECO and Progress Energy, Florida. In addition, three customers are in the migration process, including Detroit Edison, Sacramento Utilities Board and Wisconsin Public Service. These utilities have discovered the advantages of using InService 8.2 for Smart Grid operations control and dispatch centers, taking a leap forward in outage management and advanced distribution management system (ADMS) technology.

InService 8.2 provides a consolidated user environment to visualize, analyze and operate the distribution network using sophisticated visualization tools through an interactive GIS map. New network status symbology helps deliver a clearer picture of the electrical network, while supervisory control of remote devices and display of digital and analog information provide the operator everything needed to make informed decisions in real time. With nearly 100 functional enhancements, including the addition of a simulation environment and integrated alarming, Intergraph’s InService 8.2 is providing customers with functionality, visualization and control of the distribution system, moving them toward a smarter electrical grid.

Oncor, the sixth-largest electric grid in the United States and the largest distribution and transmission system in Texas, is a current user of InService 8.2. Operating approximately 117,000 miles of distribution and transmission lines, Oncor delivers power to approximately three million smart metered homes and businesses. Oncor selected Intergraph for its end-to-end information flow for mobile workforce and outage and distribution management, replacing previous systems that required dispatchers to run as many as 10 applications from five to seven different computer systems – each with its own interface. With Intergraph, Oncor improved coordination between its back office and field, and empowered the operators to better handle complex scheduling and dispatch operations.

In response to the benefits of InService 8.2, Philip McCrory, Director T&D Services, Oncor Electric Delivery, stated, “With InService 8.2, Oncor has established a strong relationship with smart grid technology for command and control SCADA devices. This Intergraph investment will continue to improve our customer reliability, dramatically reduce costs and minimize the frequency and duration of customer outages.”

Oncor, along with other Intergraph utility customers of InService 8.2, are realizing the many benefits of incorporating Smart Grid technology into their daily operations. Version 8.2 is proving to be a leading solution for outage management and control centers across the United States.