Jul 28, 2011

Remcom Announces Online Discussion Forum

Remcom has announced the launch of an online customer discussion forum. The Remcom Discussion Forum allows customers and users of the software to engage with other electromagnetic simulation professionals and with Remcom’s engineers and developers. Membership in the community is free and provides access to post topics, comment on others’ posts, upload content, and more.

Scott Langdon, president and product manager for EM software tools, said, “At industry events and our training courses, we’ve observed first-hand how useful it is for customers to share ideas and tips with each other, and we wanted to enable those connections all the time. An online discussion board seemed like a natural extension to our support program and our goal to provide multiple channels for customers to easily find help. One of Remcom’s guiding principles is to provide outstanding, personalized support and to put our most experienced engineers and developers directly in touch with customers, and the forum is another way we can offer this level of service. Not only will customers be able to converse one-on-one with our team, but they’ll also benefit from the combined knowledge of many other industry experts. At the same time, Remcom will gain important feedback and intelligence from the community.”

The forum offers many uses and benefits, including:

Collaborative help resource
Method to easily make suggestions and feature requests
Intelligence and data source that will influence Remcom’s product development plans
Community where current and potential customers can connect and engage with Remcom’s team
Tool for crowd sourcing to vet new product ideas or conduct polls

Remcom encourages users to start with the discussion forum when help is needed or to get opinions and advice from other Remcom software users; however, the forum differs greatly from the level of support received with a current Remcom Professional Support (RPS) contract. To receive all the benefits of RPS, including free upgrades to the latest versions of Remcom’s products, telephone support, and access to the support portal, customers require a current RPS contract.

The forum can be accessed by visiting http://www.remcom.com/discussion-forum or http://www.remcom.biz/forum