Jul 27, 2011

Rapidform 3D Scanning Software Sales Continue Growth With Outstanding H1 2011 Results

Seoul: INUS Technology, Inc has exceeded internal sales expectations yet again with its worldwide revenue for the first half of 2011, beating results from H1 2010 by more than 33%. Following the company’s best Q1 sales in its 13 year history, this H1 achievement is a testament to the value that the company creates for its customers and their increased spending on Rapidform technology.

“We’re very pleased with our sales performance so far this year,” said Calvin Hur, CEO of INUS Technology. “Our partners, including both 3D scanner manufacturers and value added resellers, have been quite successful in selling Rapidform along with the full breadth of 3D scanners out on the market today. This year’s sales are at an all-time high, which motivates us further to drive innovation and make 3D scanning more productive for our customers.”

Rapidform customers eagerly voiced their support for the company’s complete solutions at the recent Rapidform Success Conference in Denver, Colorado. “Rapidform enables us to get the maximum value out of 3D scan data,” said Tom Waits, Owner/Manager of Reverse Austin. Engineering Technician Sean Dunn with Navair explains that “Rapidform has solved our challenges immensely, by time-frame, cost, labor… it’s a real cost saver for us.”

“Our growth is being driven by wide market acceptance of our products,” Dr. Hur expressed. “Our customers and partners know that Rapidform XOR is the fastest path to CAD, and that Rapidform XOV offers intuitive inspection from 3D scan data. As we continue to pioneer new technologies that let our customers speed product development, reduce costs and improve quality, we’ll continue to see wider adoption around the world.”

The company’s line of Rapidform software products works in conjunction with 3D scanners from every major manufacturer. Rapidform XOR software is used to make CAD models from 3D scan data, while Rapidform XOS software is focused on creating high quality mesh and surface models from 3D scans. Rapidform XOV allows companies to take a 3D scan of any object and compare it to a CAD design for verification purposes. By and large, Rapidform is considered the leader in reverse engineering technology.