Jul 5, 2011

Lantek maximises the profitability of manufacturing processes with the new Lantek Manager

Lantek has extended its catalogue of solutions with the launch of its Manufacturing Execution System Lantek Manager. The new software allows companies to optimise manufacturing processes in their factory from works order to finished product.

As companies grow, manufacturing structures become more complex, requiring increasingly sophisticated systems to optimise production processes and maintain continuous management control. Lantek Manager, provides an effective solution, enabling the user to know the status of each order and each component in real time. By increasing visibility in the workshop the software enhances workload planning. It simultaneously considers many factors including delivery date, customer, machinery to be used, material thickness and specification to produce a realistic prediction of shop floor performance.

Karmelo Osa, Product Manager at Lantek says, “The new software is the latest step in Lantek’s strategy for innovation and is a demonstration of our commitment to our customers. We collaborate closely with them to deliver cutting edge solutions which offer real competitive advantages. Lantek Manager has been designed to coordinate and maximise the profitability of key production processes through simplifying and speeding up the tasks, helping companies to closely control costs and deliver on time.”

Main features and advantages
Lantek Manager is backed by Lantek's 25+ years of experience in the sheet metal and fabrication market. Quick to implement, powerful and easy to use, and incorporating the latest technology, the software monitors production, simplifies planning tasks, controls plant and equipment and analyses and keeps records of manufacturing performance.

Advanced search filters allow users to get a view of production in real time. The status of each product, for example, waiting, being manufactured, nested or finished, can be quickly established using the intuitive graphics. This enables managers to see the current manufacturing situation and take corrective action as necessary.

Managing work priorities is much easier in Lantek Manager. By considering the load on each machine the user can optimise the issuing of works orders to the shop floor and the creation of CAD/CAM programs. The software can integrate with works orders generated by ERP systems and databases or it can work with works orders for individual components.

The ability to visualise the loading in the workshop helps companies to make the best use of resources including machines, material, and operators, for improved flexibility. Lantek Manager allows managers to assign and reserve materials and give priority to particular jobs, greatly increasing the levels of control. Additionally, the software can link to a variety of data collecting devices in the workshop allowing companies to record actual times and material usage for each nesting or manufacturing operation, generating improved productivity and valuable cost savings.

Comparisons between actual and estimated costs for selected works orders produced by Lantek Manager will make it possible to carry out a detailed assessment of every aspect of the production process and its associated products. The information will help managers to set more competitive prices, be aware of the real production costs, and of any deviations from the budget.

Analysis tools within Lantek Manager go a stage further, making it possible to check current production information including the pending material usage, the actual progress of works orders, the current costs incurred and the loading on each resource, while advanced management options further increase manufacturing visibility, adding to the cost savings and profit improvements possible with the software.