Jul 19, 2011

Intelligent Light Delivers CFD "Triple Crown"

All New FieldView 13: 10-100x Productivity Improvement, Extraordinary Image Fidelity and Game Changing CFD Data Management.

Intelligent Light’s FieldView 13 is an entirely new release of their flagship product. Three years in development, FieldView 13 delivers a CFD “Triple Crown”: unprecedented graphics performance and image quality plus integrated CFD Data Management – a completely new concept in CFD post-processing.

"We can now view animated transient filling sequences, and at the same time rotate, move and zoom to gain new insights. The data management tools typically reduce file sizes by a factor of 50 and allow batch and interactive work on the same machine making FLOW-3D work much easier,” says Frieder Semler, President, CFD Consultants, GmbH and FieldView user.

“The CFD community has been under pressure from a perfect storm of huge cases and reduced resources to analyze and report results,” said Intelligent Light Founder & General Manager, Steve M. Legensky. “FieldView 13 provides game changing capabilities to solve these issues, providing immediate business value and improving our customer’s bottom line.”

CFD DATA MANAGEMENT: Data associated with CFD is large and complex. FieldView 13 lets users create compact representations of their datasets, known as XDB files, that maintain the full numerical fidelity of their much larger complete datasets. The XDB files are nearly 50X smaller than the original data and therefore read faster and require far less disk space. FieldView XDB workflows deliver higher productivity at every step. That means faster interaction, easier collaboration, faster queries and calculations, smaller files & lower disk requirements. “Our XDB workflow provides complete FieldView functionality,” says Matthew N. Godo, Ph. D., FieldView Product Manager. “FieldView 13 gets you right to the heart of even the largest, most complex dataset and puts you in complete control of what is included in your XDB files – cutting planes, surface geometries, streamlines – it’s your decision. You can fully automate your XDB workflows and create XDBs in batch, as the CFD solver is running.”

SPEED: FieldView 13 exploits the latest advances in high performance computing. Users experience a 2X to 40X speed increase on their existing graphics hardware, depending on graphics resources and data. FieldView 13 delivers revolutionary graphics performance that exploits modern multi-core CPU and many-core GPU systems. The new graphics provide extremely fast interactivity on systems of all configurations.

NO SACRIFICE IN IMAGE QUALITY: FieldView 13 delivers speed and data management without sacrificing image quality: 3D rendering acceleration and multi-threading for interactive performance plus software rendering for batch on HPC systems. Image quality is exceptional with high quality anti-aliasing, transparency and high quality type fonts. The result is the best CFD imagery available, anywhere.