Jul 27, 2011

Informative Graphics Corporation to Offer Professional and Project Services for Software Customers

Software Leader Designates Consulting Team to Ensure Full Realization of IGC Product Benefits and Expense Reduction.

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC), a leader in viewing, redaction and publishing technology, today announced the launch of the IGC Professional and Project Services team, which will help customers maximize their investment in IGC products and lower their related operational expenses. The team speeds project deployments by providing remote and onsite installation, implementation and sizing.

Companies can leverage the team's in-depth knowledge of IGC products and its extensive experience across similar implementations. IGC consultants can make recommendations to maximize the solution benefit to users as well as avoid problems during installation, integration and rollout. The team can also conduct remote ongoing maintenance to ensure the configurations continue to meet user needs and additional user demand as the deployments expand.

Chrisman Smith, who joined IGC in October 2005 as Director of Technical Services, has been appointed to lead the team of seasoned professionals. With over 14 years of operational and technical experience in the software industry, he brings a consistent focus on customer service and advocacy. "I'm excited about the new Professional and Project Service team at IGC and about what this means for our customers," said Smith. "IGC already has the most responsive client philosophy of any company I have worked with and this is a natural extension of that. Our customers stand to benefit from faster, more efficient deployments and more robust solution designs that really take advantage of everything our software has to offer," he continued.

"IGC prides itself on being innovative and on being responsive to our customers and business partners," said president and CEO Gary Heath. "Because of IGC's incredibly low attrition, we have staff members who have been helping customers deploy our products for over a decade. The new Services offering really will take advantage of that extensive in-house expertise and we are confident this will be of great benefit to our customers."

IGC's Professional and Project Services team can be engaged directly or through IGC's enterprise