Jul 5, 2011

GRAPHISOFT joins forces with UDG in China

GRAPHISOFT has announced a strategic partnership with United Design Group (UDG) in Shanghai, China. The companies will cooperate in an effort to foster and promote integration, research and application of GRAPHISOFT’s BIM solution on UDG’s projects, to deepen and further the application of BIM in China, and to lead the development of the architectural design and construction industries in China.

As a result of the construction boom in China, the application of BIM on a wider scale is growing. With the acceptance of BIM in the building design and construction industry, the demand for BIM on the Chinese market is becoming even greater. The strategic cooperation between UDG and GRAPHISOFT will play a crucial role in the development and application of BIM in China’s building design and construction industry.

UDG is an open and innovative design company, ranked among the top three private design firms in East China. UDG is familiar with GRAPHISOFT’s products and has used its flagship product, ArchiCAD, on a number of built projects, including the Sichuan Deyang and Haerbin train stations.