Jul 22, 2011

Firehole Composites and MSC Software Partner to Offer Advanced Composite FEA

Firehole Composites, developers of advanced solutions for composite simulation and analysis, announced a partnership with MSC Software, producers of the widely used MSC Nastran Finite Element Analysis (FEA) solver. The partnership will enable Firehole to extend the advanced multiscale analysis functionality of Helius:MCT™ to users of MSC's MD Nastran.

"Partnering with MSC is a welcome expansion for Firehole" said Chief Operating Officer Emmett Nelson. "Our customers have asked for this, and we are proud to soon have Helius:MCT available for users of MSC finite element analysis. MSC has long been a pioneer in the development of FEA solutions and we share their commitment to simulation accuracy, improved runtime and robust solution convergence. The powerful, multidiscipline technology of the MD Nastran solver, combined with the advanced composite materials-specific toolset of Helius:MCT will offer a valuable solution to our collective customers."

Developed as an enhanced capability add-on to commercial finite element analysis packages, Helius:MCT provides users with advanced analysis technology developed specifically for composite materials. It uses a unique technology to efficiently model the distinct behavior of the composite's constituents. This added insight enables a more accurate basis for predicting their complex failure modes and progressive failure. Users of MD Nastran can quickly convert their existing models and utilize standard material property data to begin utilizing Helius:MCT in their process.

MSC Vice President of Strategic Operations John Janevic noted "As customers continue to look for ways to cut costs, they will increasingly need to replace expensive design and test cycles with simulation and virtual prototyping, and the need for accurate and effective analysis capabilities will be vital, particularly in the field of composite materials. In partnering with Firehole Composites, we are pleased to extend this capability to those driving innovation with composite materials."