Jul 22, 2011

ESPRIT by DP Technology at EMO Hannover 2011 (19-Jul-2011)

Computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) industry leader DP Technology, creator of ESPRIT®, will introduce ESPRIT 2012, the latest version of its innovative software, at EMO Hannover 2011, scheduled for Sept. 19-24 in Hannover, Germany.

Touted as the premier international metalworking-technology trade show and meeting place for manufacturers throughout the world, EMO is a biennial exhibition of CAM software, machine tools, manufacturing systems, precision tools, computer technology, industrial electronics and accessories, and more.

Visitors to EMO 2011 are encouraged to visit ESPRIT in Hall 25 at stand H19, where knowledgeable DP representatives will be available to discuss vital upgrades and perform demonstrations of how those upgrades can be put to work for you.

ESPRIT 2012 offers upgrades in all machining disciplines, with enhancements to turning, milling, mill-turn and wire EDM cycles.

For turning, the “park” cycle has been redesigned in ESPRIT 2012 to allow a machine tool’s head or turret to be parked. Increased versatility is achieved with the enhancement of allowing parking on each axis, which can be individually controlled using one of the four modes available — not parking the axis; moving the axis to home, as it would be set for a tool change; the tool moves to the input position in the operation coordinate system, or the axis moves to the input position in the machine-coordinate system.

For milling, ESPRIT 2012 offers an enhanced method of treating features used for contouring operations. Rather than allowing the tool to "roll" over the edge when at or near the starting depth, the feature edge can be extended to maintain the desired shape.

For wire EDM, new feature extension settings make it possible to extend the extremities of the feature so the wire path can start or end outside of the material when contouring or with EDM turning operations. This allows the wire path to be extended without actually modifying the feature. A new “dwell time” setting that inserts a dwell at the end of the rough cut to enlarge the exit point, ensuring that the wire for the skim cut can be re-threaded, has been added to all EDM contouring cycles.