Jul 11, 2011

EGSolutions and SouVR Announce Partnership on software for 3D scanning elaboration

SouVR is one of the biggest online distributors of hardware and software for virtual and augmented reality in Asia and has now decided to widen their offer of scanners, a dedicated solution for 3D models elaboration: Leios

EGSolutions, today leader in the development of more advanced processing techniques of digital models produced by 3D scanning, sealed an important agreement with SouVR, online distributor active in Asia since more than 10 years.

“Approaching a remote market, like the Chinese one, is a very challenging task. The collaboration with SouVR comes with the knowledge of having found a very good channel for this market, and a steady base of at least 1000 customers in several fields” stated Emidio Cennerilli, General Director of EGSolutions.

As the biggest 3D/VR products on-line supermarket and one of the leading network distributors of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Visual Simulation software & hardware in Asia, SouVR is proud to be able to introduce EGSolutions’ stunning line of software for 3D scans to our clients in Great China.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) foresees the 1st January 2016 as the date in which China will become the first world economy, leaping over the USA. The emerging economies of the so-called BRICs, shares the 42% of the world populations.

EGSolutions has just launched Leios 2 on the market, the evolution of its very own solution for elaboration of 3D scans; Leios has top-notch performances and affordable prices. EGSolutions is supported by a network of at least 30 resellers around the world.