Jul 28, 2011

Delcam plans new software releases at imX

Delcam will launch new software releases from both its Advanced Manufacturing Solutions Division and its Healthcare Division at imX – the interactive manufacturing eXperience, to be held from September 12th to 14th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. New programs to be demonstrated on Booth #1800 will include options to speed product development and to make manufacturing processes more efficient.

Delcam will have a solution for all attendees at the event, whether they are looking for modelling design tools, or independent inspection solutions, or advanced machining strategies for high-speed and five-axis production of complex parts, or feature-based technology to streamline programming of 2D and 3D components, or automated programming for CNC mills, lathes, wire EDM, turn/mill centres or Swiss-type lathes.

Delcam’s breadth of CADCAM software is so sophisticated that it is not limited to the wide range of solutions for design, machining and inspection in traditional manufacturing sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, medical, energy and consumer industries. Delcam can also provide complete CADCAM solutions in applications for the medical market, including the design and manufacture of dental restorations and custom orthotic insoles.

"Delcam offers the broadest range of CAM software of any supplier,” claimed Glenn McMinn, President of Delcam North America. "We have the technology to provide solutions for all types of manufacturing, either as stand- alone systems for CNC toolpath generation or as complete packages including both CAD modelling and CAM programming, or even as dedicated, custom-built systems through Delcam Professional Services.”

"We have the largest development team in the CAM industry so we can keep abreast of progress in machine tool and cutting tool technology,” he added. "In fact, our close relationships with the leading machine tool suppliers mean that we can often anticipate their developments, for example, by preparing post-processors for new equipment before it is delivered to customers.”

As well as having the largest development team, Delcam is renowned internationally for providing the highest-quality support from its network of subsidiaries and resellers. "We have shown the upcoming software updates to our sales channels and the reaction has been extremely positive,” continued Mr. McMinn. "We are confident that our solutions will be able to help any company visiting imX and are eager to show the visitors how our software solutions can boost productivity, shorten delivery times, improve quality and so help them become more successful.”