Jul 19, 2011

Clarizen Continues to Evolve Beyond Traditional Project Management Software

Clarizen, the award-winning SaaS Work Execution Software company, today announced the release of v5.2, which gives customers enhanced customization features to better manage work activities. This new version of Clarizen’s software is part of the company’s continuing process to provide the critical functionality of complex project management software applications in a format that every worker can use to manage their daily tasks and projects. Clarizen v5.2 includes two major customization features, Custom Actions and Scheduled Workflow Rules along with a Centralized Customization Console so that admins now have one location to control system-wide customization preferences.

Due to the changing nature of work – more offsite workers, projects involving multiple vendors and global teams – companies need a solution that improves collaboration and work execution. Clarizen helps companies improve efficiency and maximize profitability by providing instant insight into activities across an entire enterprise. Unlike traditional project management software that solely benefits project managers, Clarizen makes all employees more efficient, while providing managers and executives with enterprise-wide visibility without labor-intensive reports. As a result, Clarizen has seen accelerated growth.

“Clarizen v5.2 provides more user flexibility for better collaboration, accountability and visibility across projects, departments and entire companies,” said Avinoam Nowogrodski, co-founder and CEO of Clarizen. “Today’s worker needs a structured, yet customized system to manage work, while companies need to drive efficiency and growth. Clarizen fulfills both needs by creating real-time insight all the way from projects to an entire company’s bottom line.”

Custom Actions
The new Custom Actions feature allow companies to add menu dropdown actions that are specific to that company’s needs and regular workflows. Custom Actions give admin users the ability to:

Define a series of actions and let users choose to run them when needed.
Define different procedures for different activities.
Define which users are allowed to run the action and what conditions have to be met.

Scheduled Workflow Rules
Scheduled Workflow Rules allow users to predetermine when workflow rules run based on a specific date or timeframe. Workflow rules define and manage how processes are handled within Clarizen and contribute to effective project completion. Scheduled Workflow Rules evaluate if a workflow rule has been met and executes the defined actions automatically.

Additional Features
Clarizen v5.2 simplifies and streamlines the user experience with other customization enhancements, including:

Centralized Customization Console
Rollup Summary Fields
Add Object Action
Execute Workflow Rules on Related Objects
Business Rule Cloning
Custom Application enhancements