Jul 14, 2011


Cimetrix, Incorporated, a leading provider of factory automation and equipment control software solutions for the global semiconductor, photovoltaic, and electronics industries, announced the completion of an intensive four-week training program focused on Cimetrix tool control products and Agile design methodology. The training, known as CIMControlFramework™ Boot Camp, was held in response to the increasing demand and interest in the Company’s expanding software platform from industry constituents. Taking place at Cimetrix headquarters in Salt Lake City, attendees included customers, Cimetrix employees, and a Cimetrix service partner.

Driving the need for this type of training is the strong customer demand for new tool control solutions and the acceptance of CIMControlFramework as the product best positioned for their needs. The Boot Camp included both face-to-face and remote sessions to simulate the different work environments engineers encounter when interacting with present day development teams. Cimetrix engineering management and industry experts delivered training on product information, project management, and team design processes to provide the skills for an overall successful tool control design environment.

"We developed a new approach to designing reliable precision equipment, and the customer response has been impressive," stated Paul Johnson, Vice President of Software Engineering at Cimetrix. "OEMs see how, using our processes and technologies, they can build higher performance, more adaptable tools and get them to market faster. Our reputation in the semiconductor, photovoltaic, and LED industries has led to an increased demand for CIMControlFramework, which required Cimetrix to add more capacity quickly. Consequently, we created a highly specialized and focused four-week Boot Camp that concluded with great success in June. The Boot Camp graduates have already been put to work on funded customer projects as well as with assisting the Cimetrix product development team on enhancements for our CIMControlFramework product which address current and forward-looking trends for LED, photovoltaic and semiconductor tools."

"Cimetrix’s first Boot Camp was a highly successful program to support increased customer demand," stated Bob Reback, President and CEO of Cimetrix. "Our business model enabling equipment makers to lower costs, deliver machines with best-in-class software, and reduce their time to market continues to gain traction. In addition, we are very pleased that the Company’s financial performance over the past two years put us in position to make this investment. We believe this Boot Camp investment will lead to increased services revenues in the short term as we work with customers on important new tool control projects. Longer term, we expect these projects to result in increased software license revenues in 2012 and beyond when the new equipment models start shipping."