Jul 18, 2011

Cimatron Announces the Release of CimatronE 10

Beta testers report dramatic improvements in efficiency and laude 'amazing' background calculations.

Cimatron Limited announced today that it has released CimatronE 10 after several months of highly successful beta testing.

“While using the new version of CimatronE, I’ve felt performance enhancements in all areas,” said beta tester Jim Dent, a designer at LS Mold, Inc. “I’ve benefited from new functionality that allows us to work faster, increasing productivity and shortening our overall delivery time.”

CimatronE 10 surpasses all previous versions, offering significantly faster mold design, die design and manufacturing capabilities, while increasing quality. Upgrading will impact overall delivery time, especially for full solution customers, and compress mold and die design, NC programming and machining times.

CAD enhancements provide stronger, more powerful capabilities, including a new built-in motion simulator, which specializes in tooling and provides an advanced analysis of kinematics. Die makers will enjoy an easier, more intuitive strip design process and greater automation for tool design. Mold designers will find new and unparalleled analysis capabilities for the parting line as well as shutoff and runoff surfaces, eliminating design flaws at a very early stage. There are also new applicative tools for lifter and insert creation.

CAM enhancements dramatically increase programming productivity, with background calculations and enhanced multi-core processing. Machining times are reduced, with significant upgrades to rough strategies, and there’s a new helical finishing strategy.

Beta tester Gary R. Zech, from D & F Mold, LLC., commented: “Background calculations are amazing! I don’t have to stop work and wait for a toolpath calculation while I’m in the middle of a job; I just keep working.”

The release of CimatronE 10 also introduces a new product, the patent pending CimatronE SuperBox. The SuperBox is a toolpath off-loading and processing acceleration device that dramatically shortens NC programming; it is reported to have saved users 85% off programming time.

“This is the most successful beta CimatronE has ever held, with testers requesting their entire shop be upgraded to the new version months before it was even certified for official release,” said Danny Haran, Cimatron’s CEO. “We are very happy that our entire customer base can now enjoy the benefits that our beta testers have experienced over the past months.”