Jul 8, 2011

Bluebeam Software Receives Patent for Document Comparison Feature

Bluebeam Software has been granted a patent for an innovative feature of its popular Bluebeam PDF Revu software that helps architecture, engineering and construction professionals digitally access, manage, review and comment on building drawings and documents and takes paperless workflows to a new level.

Revu is the leading PDF editor for the design and construction industry, with numerous benefits over Adobe, including the document comparison element. The newly patented Compare Documents feature (Patent No. 7,971,149) automatically scales, rotates and aligns the selected base and revised drawings, then highlights differences with easy-to-see cloud annotations on a copy of the modified PDF.

The PDFs can be viewed side-by-side and synchronized for easy navigation – as you pan or zoom one file, the other file follows. Advanced settings also allow users to batch compare multiple revision sets of documents or select portions of a drawing to compare, a function especially useful for examining scanned PDFs that are skewed.

Users of other software typically see a revised version of a PDF but cannot readily decipher the changes. Revu allows users to easily view drawings either side-by-side or as multi-colored overlays, saving a tremendous amount of time, paper and expense, improving accuracy and efficiency.

"Document Comparison is just one of the many features that puts Revu ahead of the competition when it comes to managing complex documents and delivering tools for collaboration," said Bluebeam President and CEO Richard Lee. "For a decade, Bluebeam has been dedicated to developing the best, most intuitive software to help the AEC industry streamline workflow, improve communication and reduce paper use."

Bluebeam PDF Revu 9 is fully loaded with 30 highly requested features.