Jun 29, 2011

Zeus Numerix organizing workshop on "Computational Fluid Dynamics: Design and Analysis" at MCRIHRD, Hyderabad

Computational Fluid Dynamics: Design and Analysis Date: 19th Jul 2011 - 22th Jul 2011
Venue: Dr Marri Chenna Reddy HRD Institute, Hyderabad, India.

Zeus Numerix is organizing a workshop on "Computational Fluid Dynamics: Design and Analysis" at MCRIHRD, Hyderabad for the benefit of Scientists /Engineers/Researchers in the field of fluid flow, heat transfer, separation studies etc.

Workshop aims at training scientists/engineers in understanding the concepts of CFD and apply the knowledge in real life problems. Workshop will also expose the participants to latest techniques in CFD and their applications.

This workshop will cover broadly, the following:


CFD Basics.
Incompressible Flows.
Compressible Flows.
Heat Transfer.
Special Topics.


Flow Over Aircrafts and Missiles.
Flow in Industrial Machines.
Liquid Flow: Marine and Nuclear.

Target Audience:

R&D Engineers: for learning basics and avoid committing costly mistakes in simulation. Special focus will be given on problem formulation, modeling & analysis.
Designers (Not using CFD themselves): To understand and appreciate the CFD output received and also to understand the limitations of CFD.
Techno-Managers: Who wish to start a CFD division in their organization or wish to optimize existing CFD resources and to get an idea of future CFD uses.
Consultants: Solving various CFD techniques & understanding special projects.
Academia: Those wishing to train themselves in CFD for research or jobs.


Prof. Anil Date, IIT Bombay
Prof Gopal R Shevare, IIT Bombay
Prof Jitendra Shah, Zeus Numerix