Jun 16, 2011

Sescoi U.S. contributes to a collaborative seminar on the real cost of manufacturing overseas

Sescoi, Agie Charmilles, SECO Tools and eXpert Tech have joined forces to host a seminar in Linconshire, Illinois, U.S.A., on 21st June, to promote the retention of more manufacturing in the USA, or ‘reshoring’. The seminar will also include productivity sessions which will help companies to cut costs, operate more efficiently and make reshoring a reality.

Harry Moser, the former President of Agie Charmilles and founder of the National Reshoring Initiative, will explain how you can make a case for local sourcing rather than outsourcing. During this event you will learn how manufacturing parts overseas can increase the total cost of ownership by up to 20%, through hidden costs. Other advantages of keeping production in the USA include easier regulatory compliance, enhanced innovation possibilities, reduced inventory delays for companies using JIT methodology, and the improved quality and consistency you can expect with locally made products.

From CADCAM, to training tooling and high speed machining, engineers from the participating companies will offer practical tips and an insight into efficient manufacturing methods which delegates can apply to their own businesses. Sescoi will explain the benefits of its WorkNC automated CADCAM software and how it can be used to produce safe, reliable, and smooth CNC code for 5-axis and high speed machining centers. eXpert Tech will describe the importance of its range of mold, die and machining courses to skill levels within the industry. SECO Tools will present its advanced high feed milling tools including the JabroTM and Minimaster® range, while Agie Charmilles will be describing the benefits of using its Mikron high-speed and ultra high-speed machining centres which can achieve feedrates of 80m/min and spindle speeds of 54,000 min-1.

Delegates will be able to see all the technology in action at the Agie Charmilles facility near the seminar hall. This will give them a clear and practical demonstration of how the principles explained during the sessions can be implemented in their own workshops.

By understanding the total cost of ownership of product manufacture, whether it be in the USA or overseas, and combining this with efficiency improvements and cost reduction, US based manufacturers will make the case for reshoring very compelling for their customers.