Jun 29, 2011

Open Design Alliance Announces Teigha® Version 3.5

Open Design Alliance (ODA) today announced the release of version 3.5 of Teigha, its software development platform for engineering applications. ODA also announced two new beta programs for its members.

Version 3.5 Enhancements

Version 3.5 incorporates performance enhancements and a large number of bug fixes donated to ODA by its members, as well as improvements made by the ODA development team. The update includes the following enhancements:

Improved raster image support through the incorporation of the FreeImage raster library. FreeImage is open-source, fast, multithreading-safe, and cross-platform (32- and 64-bit versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X).
Teigha for .dgn files adds support for entity selection and drawing order.

New Beta Programs

With the release of Teigha 3.5, ODA announced two new beta programs:

Teigha.NET for .dgn Files is ODA’s first .NET API for .dgn files
Teigha on Android is ODA’s first API for Android OS devices. The initial release is limited to database operations; rendering support will be provided in due time.

“We are excited that we were able to work with ODA members to improve the integration process between Teigha 3.5 and their applications,” said ODA President Arnold van der Weide. “Our aim is for members to ship their applications at the same time as when the next version of Teigha is released.”

ODA Chief Technology Officer Neil Peterson added, “Teigha 3.5 is the first release of Teigha that was built and tested daily using our new build system, which provides improved regression test coverage for all major components. Our goal is to build and test-run new code each time it is checked in to our source control system.”

ITC Development Director Dave Lorenzo said, “Teigha 3.5 marks a huge improvement to ODA’s automated build, regression, and release processes. These new processes give ODA members the ability to keep their software synchronized with ODA releases, while providing critical fixes to their customers more quickly. This synergy provides the potential for a much more stable Teigha platform, and stronger binary compatibility across ODA members.

Robert Graebert, CTO of Graebert GmbH, stated, "Over the last year, ODA has improved leaps and bounds in their quality assurance and testing efforts. As a heavy user of ODA technology, we have already noticed the effect on the quality of the product, and we are actively working on porting our applications to Teigha 3.5, our smoothest upgrade to date."

"For us, this 3.5 release of Teigha is a milestone," said Erik de Keyser, CEO of Bricsys. "More than ever, Teigha is the result of a very close collaboration between the ODA development team and some of its key members. Together with the excellent development of new features and enhancements, the new Teigha release is the result of a lot of input from users. This is the way to continue."

Teigha version 3.5 is available now at www.opendesign.com for download by ODA members.