Jun 13, 2011

Official Thinkdesign 2011 Beta version Entering into the Build Phase - Ready for Imminent Release

BOLOGNA, Italy - The development of the new think3 is proceeding rapidly. In just the first weeks after starting the R&D team has been hard at work and the Official Thinkdesign 2011 Beta version is entering into the build phase ready for its imminent release.

Some new functionalities available in this release covered:
- Assembly: New Mating management, Gear Constraint, Assembly Feature,
- Part Modeling: Rib, ISM, Cut/Split Solid
- Sheet Metal
- Sketcher
- Geodesic Curves
- MPC-CP: symmetry G2-1 on curves and surfaces
- Line: Curve and Arc approximation
- Invert Surface
- Mold Design: Cooling, shrinking, base, electrode libraries
- save as pdf for .e2 and .e3
- Material Management

Thinkdesign 2011.1 will be available in Italian, English and Japanese versions. When ready the update will be posted for downloading on think3’s customer care website. Customers having signed a contract with Versata can take advantage of the Grace Period that think3 is offering to them and so they will be eligible for this version.