Jun 9, 2011

Malcolm Panthaki, Founder of Comet Solutions Inc. joins the Keynote Line-up for PLM Road Map™ 2011

Presentation will consider a new type of "Intelligent Template" that successfully allows non-experts to safely and reliably use the "best practices" of their in-house CAE experts.

CPDA, a CIMdata company, announces that Malcolm Panthaki, VP for Customer Success, CTO, and Founder of Comet Solutions will make a keynote address at PLM Road Map™ 2011. The keynote line-up also includes; a joint presentation by Pendaran’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Hossein Nivi and Geometric America’s President, Joseph Sahiouni, and presentations by Siemens PLM Software’s Steve Bashada, Georgia Tech’s Dr. Chris Paredis, and HP’s Christian Verstraete. PLM Road Map™ 2011 will take place at The Inn at St. John's, outside of Detroit, Michigan, on October 4th and 5th.

The presentation, The Democratization of Simulation with Intelligent Templates: How CAE Experts and “Non-Experts” Can Realize the Promised Benefits of Simulation, will demonstrate how a new type of “Intelligent Template” successfully allows non-experts to safely and reliably use the “best practices” of their in-house CAE experts, using their preferred simulation tools – COTS and in-house. The presentation will draw on a series of case-studies to illustrate how simulation, at the appropriate level of complexity, is finding its way into the hands of a much broader set of users than traditionally thought possible. This new technology enables the rapid development and enhancement of simulation process templates using a minimum of scripting and programming. The templates are executed across a wide range of product concepts and designs, with little or no user intervention, while still ensuring that the expertise of the dedicated analysts is “in the loop”.

Malcolm Panthaki has been at the cutting-edge of CAE software development since 1987. He has authored numerous papers on the next-generation of CAE and is a frequent speaker on advanced practices in product development. More importantly, in his career he has worked closely with many of the most demanding users of CAE in industry and government, including Sandia National Labs and NASA.

Malcolm started his career as a CAE engineer at an engineering consulting firm and later moved to ABAQUS Inc., where he led the effort to develop the interactive environment, ABAQUS/CAE. He left ABAQUS with the vision to build a CAE workspace that would allow teams of engineers to make better decisions much earlier in the product design cycle using their existing multi-vendor tools. He founded Comet Solutions in 2001 and led the efforts to develop simulation workspaces. The workspace is based on the concept of “abstract modeling”. Its technical uniqueness is a single, integrated data model to manage the complexity and diversity of CAE data, processes and results, from conceptual models through full, 3-D models, and across various physics domains. Out of the initial technical consulting work and close collaboration with flagship industry manufacturing companies, the Comet Performance Engineering Workspace was formally introduced into the market in 2008. Malcolm now serves as Chief Technology Officer and VP Customer Success of Comet Solutions, where he is focused on ensuring the success of Comet customers who are leaders in the aerospace, defense, photonics, heavy equipment, transportation, consumer electronics, and other sectors.

Malcolm has a BS in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in India, and an MS in Structural Engineering and Computer Graphics from Cornell University.