Jun 9, 2011

Lattice Technology Releases XVL Studio Ver. 10.0

Improved productivity with DMU and Technical Documentation enhancements.

Lattice Technology® Inc., the standard for technical communication and digital mock up software in the manufacturing enterprise, today released XVL Studio Ver. 10.0, an update to the industry-leading authoring software for creating 3D manufacturing, service and maintenance data.

XVL Studio 10.0 includes a number of new features and enhancements for digital mockup process planning, work instruction authoring and technical documentation. Improvements have been made across the product including the user interface, file import/export, working with eBOM/mBOM/sBOM, creating work instructions and technical illustrations.

New and improved features of XVL Studio 10.0 include:

User Interface Improvements customized toolbars, enhanced drag and drop from Assembly Tree to Process and Disassembly Trees for faster mBOM and sBOM creation.

Auto Update Enhancements additional controls for flexibility in handling design changes and part modifications.

Digital Mock Up improved visibility for clearance and interference checks, saving part layouts in Annotation View and options to fix dimension text positions for easier collaboration.

Process Design Export equipment and tools list, addition of trace lines to work instructions output, user defined event controls for process animation, define and display text alerts during process animation.

Illustration and Parts List updated find and filter options, export raster image with SVG, improved control for exported image visibility.

At the same time Lattice Technology also released new versions of XVL Player and XVL BOM Assembler. All updates are available free of charge to maintenance customers.

XVL Studio 10.0 can be tried out as part of the Product Trial available from Lattice Technology (www.lattice3d.com)