Jun 13, 2011

Hankook Delcam supports Doosan at the DIMF

Hankook Delcam, Delcam’s joint venture in Korea, supported Doosan at the DIMF 2011 (Doosan International Tools Fair) exhibition held in Chang-Won last month. As part of its sponsorship of the exhibition, Hankook Delcam provided programs for many of the new demonstrations on show.

Doosan Infracore is the largest machine tool manufacturer in the Korea and is one of the largest suppliers in the world. The company showed 65 machine tools, mainly for machining large and heavy equipment, such as wind power or marine industry applications, at the DIMF exhibition. More than 3,300 visitors from 38 countries across Asia, Europe and America attended the exhibition.

Since Hankook Delcam entered into a strategic partnership with Doosan Infracore in 2008, the companies have collaborated on the development and testing of post-processors for Doosan Infracore’s most popular machines to be embedded in Delcam’s range of CAM software. They have also worked together to create accurate virtual models of Doosan Infracore machines for use in Delcam’s machining simulation modules.

"Hankook Delcam provided lots of help while we were preparing for the exhibition,” said Hwan-jong Hong, a senior researcher in development team at Doosan. "The staff provided support by generating toolpaths for many of the demonstrations and by developing post-processors for the new machines we were showing. Customers for these new Doosan machines will be able to become productive more quickly because they will be able to use the post-processor files prepared for the exhibition.”

Hankook Delcam cooperates with machine and cutting tool manufacturers continuously to optimize the machining productivity and quality that can be achieved by its customers. The knowledge gained from these collaborations is an important part of the high quality support provided by Hankook Delcam to its many customers and so makes an essential contribution to its position as the leading CAM provider in Korea.