Jun 26, 2011

Forming Technologies Announces the Release of FormingSuite v9.0

FormingSuite v9.0 honors their goal of supplying the stamping industry with the world’s easiest to learn and easiest to use wizard-based user interface. Further, FTI extends their commitment to their customers by improving the speed and accuracy of all simulation solvers (CHI, FIT, nesting) and feature-rich enhancements. “The enhancements to FormingSuite v9.0 represent a significant advancement in the software’s simulation capabilities. The focus of ‘accuracy on demand’ and ‘cost knowledge for all’ gives FTI a huge competitive advantage”, said Dan Marinac, Director Business Development at FTI. “Those benefits, coupled with continuous improvements in our core strengths which are cost reduction, blank development, stamping accuracy and springback prediction, deliver great value to FTI’s customers”. This latest release includes several new features, such as:

Precise Springback Simulation with NAS and STL file export for CAD compensation
Five-Fold speed enhancement for Finite Increment Technology MultiStage solver
Optional direct 3D CAD data translators for reading NX®, CATIA® V5, CATIA® V6, JT®, Pro/ENGINEER®, etc.
Display to interactively show tooling movement prior to launching LS-DYNA® solver
Automatic tooling generation for form and flange die operations in addition to the existing draw die operations
Pilot hole constraints for FASTIncremental
Accurate die load calculation for FASTIncremental
Enhanced reporting functionality for Process Planner

In addition, FTI announces a new module - FormingSuite STRIPNEST. STRIPNEST meets the needs of the low-volume high-mix automotive vehicle production markets in many parts of the world. STRIPNEST is ideal for optimizing nested blank layouts for maximum raw material utilization or for maximum number of components through geometric nesting of blank shapes on horizontal or vertical strips cut from standard sheet sizes. It produces optimized nesting layouts for 1-up, 2-up, 2 blanks, and mirrored nests on strips slit from standard sheets. STRIPNEST accurately determines yield, quantity, and raw material cost per blank for quoting and estimating.

“We developed FormingSuite v9.0 by working closely with our customers who were looking for something easier to use and quicker compared to what is currently available today on the market” adds Marinac. “From the high accuracy of FASTBLANK to the stunning virtual simulations of FASTIncremental, FormingSuite offers the ease of use, speed and accuracy, and the flexibility of one environment for product design, costing, and engineering departments. The CAD-like look and feel ensures excellent data navigation and that the user is always informed on the status of the analysis at any given time.”