Jun 1, 2011

ESI Announces PAM-STAMP 2G Version 2011, a single software suite for sheet metal forming simulation

Paris – ESI Group, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in virtual prototyping, announces the release of its PAM-STAMP 2G Version 2011.

Dedicated to all engineers involved in the sheet metal forming process, PAM-STAMP 2G Version 2011 significantly shortens time to market by providing users with the results needed to make decisions at the right time : from an early stage of design right through to production.

PAM-STAMP 2G is ESI’s complete and integrated, streamlined sheet metal forming solution for automotive, aerospace, and general forming applications. It takes into account the entire tooling process and provides trade-oriented virtual manufacturing.

PAM-STAMP 2G Version 2011 yet again extends the scope of sheet metal forming process simulation beyond standard stamping. For this release, the following areas were especially extended: hot forming including metallurgy and cooling, line die simulation including flanging with ironing, springback after hemming, and optimization. General usability has been improved and the iteration process with PAM-DIEMAKER for CATIA V5 has been simplified. Advanced areas have also been improved for this version. For example: the detection of cosmetic effects. ­This allows engineers to go beyond the feasibility of the part and look into high-level quality aspects, identifying even small cosmetic defects on outer parts. In the past this could only be done physically; on a control table and by stoning or sensing physical parts. Based on virtual geometry control at every stage in the process, fully automated built-in tools are available to loop back and optimize initial blank shape and trimming lines and to compensate and/or modify the most relevant forming dies in order to reach the expected end result.

With PAM-STAMP 2G Version 2011, sheet metal forming prediction leaps from single-operation representation to full chain virtual manufacturing and optimization, providing the basis for effective decision making within tight lead times.

“AETHRA Automotive Systems, with the help of ESI South America in Brazil, significantly improved the results in prediction and resolution of surface defects in external panels using PAM-STAMP 2G. Nowadays, to satisfy customer needs, we can test different strategies in our process development because we have confidence that we'll see the same behavior in try-out,” said Arlem Picinin Campos, Simulation Manager at AETHRA Automotive Systems.

“PAM-STAMP 2G has enabled a fast design of the hot forming tooling. Experimental tests have then confirmed the validation of the tooling and simulation results thanks to their high accuracy,” commented Iñigo Aranguren & Marian Gutiérrez, Transport Unit, Tecnalia Research & Innovation; based on a hot stamping research project by Renault, DieDe S.L. and Tecnalia.