Jun 8, 2011

EGSolutions expands its dealer network by collaborating with the Russian 3D Format

EGSolutions has signed a new partnership with the company 3D Format, based in Moscow.

“We are pleased to partner with an important firm as 3D Format, in a Country of such great interest, where our software Leios - solution for the development of 3D scans – originates” said Emidio Cennerilli, EGSolutions General Manager, returning from his trip to Russia, to take stock of the technology with the staff of Moscow.

“After we added software Leios of EGSolutions to our portfolio, our customers have got the perfect solution to solve various tasks connected with 3D scanning and digitizing. We are glad to partner with EGSolutions, see great potential in Russian market and hope on fruitful cooperation” said Maxim Zhuravlenko, General Manger , 3D Format LLC.

The economic power of the BRICS is known: the five Countries now account for 18% of global GDP and account for 15% on international trade, with 30% of the land surface and 42% of the population. But the trend is set to strengthen: already in 2015 the GDP of the BRICS is expected to reach 22% of global GDP from 8% in 2000. The inflationary pressure in Russia, always high, has declined slightly over in the recent months and the stock market has begun to record a better performance in March than most other markets in the region due to strong demand for raw materials. (Source www.lettera43.it)
EGSolutions is on the market with solutions that are highly competitive in terms of performance and extremely interesting from the economic side. EGSolutions can count on a thirty resellers around the world.

EGSolutions, company operating in reverse engineering market for 15 years, develops solutions for the development of three-dimensional virtual models, also acquired by 3D scanning of any kind. EGSolutions is the right partner for companies that want to innovate their creative and production processes, providing both the scanner to scan the object, and the software for the management of mathematics, in order to represent a single interlocutor to deal with. Industrial design, medical, engineering, architecture, entertainment, media industry can find any benefit of using EGSolutions technology.

EGSolutions has its headquarters in Bologna and other offices in Italy and Russia.