Jun 28, 2011

earthmine Named Autodesk AEC Industry Partner; Unveils Extension for AutoCAD Map 3D

earthmine today announced it is now an Autodesk AEC Industry Partner, along with the immediate availability of its latest addition to the earthmine desktop product suite, earthmine for AutoCAD Map 3D. As an Autodesk AEC Industry Partner, earthmine will work closely with Autodesk on product integration opportunities to bring real world data and context to the CAD environment, as well as joint marketing and consulting opportunities within the infrastructure market.

“We are very excited to be working more closely with Autodesk on a number of levels,” said Anthony Fassero, co-CEO and co-founder of earthmine, Inc. “Users of AutoCAD Map 3D that are planning, managing and maintaining large scale infrastructure will benefit immensely from having access to real world contextual information at all stages of an asset’s life cycle.”

“earthmine’s complementary business strategy and the successful interoperability and integration with AutoCAD Map 3D make them an ideal AEC Industry Partner,” said Paul McRoberts, vice president, infrastructure product line group, AEC solutions, Autodesk. “Autodesk offers a broad portfolio of solutions—including the new Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite 2012, which includes AutoCAD Map 3D-- to help consultants and owners plan, design, build, and manage more sustainable infrastructure.”

“The availability of earthmine for AutoCAD Map 3D provides users with access to earthmine’s detailed street level 3D maps, giving them the ability to visualize and map their assets in the context of the real world,” said Justin Lokitz, senior product manager, infrastructure product line group for Autodesk. “Our customers in the infrastructure market will for the first time be able to accurately visualize and analyze their assets using earthmine’s reality capture technology and software suite.”

earthmine for AutoCAD Map 3D

earthmine for AutoCAD Map 3D delivers high resolution and immersive street level imagery alongside the traditional AutoCAD view. Map 3D features can be accurately displayed on top of the panoramic imagery via direct integration between the products – truly integrating GIS, CAD and earthmine data into a seamless solution. This integration provides a powerful way to visualize spatial data within its real world context, and enables users to gather and analyze additional information that may not be contained within their GIS.

The product provides an extensive toolset including an efficient workflow for creating, attributing and editing point, polygon or polyline features, as well as the ability to visualize and query existing features. Users can simply point and click on objects depicted within the panoramic view, generating 3D coordinates for entry back into the database. The high resolution and 3D nature of earthmine's imagery provides the perfect backdrop for mapping a wide range of infrastructure assets. The software also provides a full set of flexible measurement tools to accurately measure real world distances and calculate areas and includes access to the underlying 3D point cloud.

earthmine for AutoCAD Map 3D works seamlessly with earthmine's existing product suite. Users can connect to data hosted on their own earthmine Server or connect to remotely hosted data in earthmine Cloud. earthmine for AutoCAD Map 3D allows users to be up and running within minutes without any custom application development or software engineering. The product is immediately available as part of the earthmine Server software suite or the earthmine Cloud service.