Jun 8, 2011

e-Xstream signs an agreement about DIGIMAT distribution with Computational Mechanics Laboratory in Russia

Within the frames of business delegation visit in Russia, headed by His Royal Highness Prince Philipp, which was held in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg from 4 till 8 April, e-Xstream engineering, headquartered in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, and Russian high-tech scientific-innovation company Computational Mechanics Laboratory Ltd. (CompMechLab® Ltd.), based on Mechanics and Control Processes Department of St.Petersburg State Polytechnical University (SPbSPU) and providing computational engineering services across the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, nuclear, machinery and metallurgic industries, signed an Agreement about DIGIMAT software distribution in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Before the Agreement was signed in Hotel Corinthia Nevsky Palace in front of His Royal Highness Prince Philipp and Russian and Belgian mass media representatives, a seminar was held at the National Research University SPbSPU by e-Xstream engineering CEO, Dr. Roger Assaker.

Dr. Assaker introduced DIGIMAT material modeling platform, developed by e-Xstream engineering as well as presenting its unique features and advanced applications for the nonlinear multi-scale modeling of composite materials and structures among them:
- Digimat-MF; The Mean-Field homogenization software used for fast modeling and prediction of the non-linear behavior of multi-phase materials;
- Digimat-FE; The homogenization software based on the Finite Element approach to accurately predict the multi-scale local/global nonlinear behavior of multi-phase materials using FEA and realistic Representative Volume Element;
- Digimat-CAE; the module that gathers DIGIMAT interfaces to process simulation and structural FEA codes for the accurate prediction of composite materials and reinforced plastics parts performance using non-linear multi-scale modeling technology.

"Innovation technologies of DIGIMAT platform, which allow users to model multi-phase structures, composite materials and their nonlinear behavior, are of an immense importance for innovation "knowledge economics" being created in Russia. In particular they are critical for aerospace and automotive industry, where composite materials are enough widespread and their usage is being increased each year," – said Prof. Alexey Borovkov, head and founder of CompMechLab®. He added: "The collaboration with e-Xstream engineering is undoubtedly significant for CompMechLab® since it gives us an opportunity to use advanced top-level technologies which are applied by leading industrial companies to model, simulate and build innovative and optimal multi-phase materials and structures."