Jun 13, 2011

COMSOL Announces ATOA Scientific Technologies as Certified Consultant

Bangalore – COMSOL, developer of the award-winning COMSOL Multiphysics simulation software, announces that engineering simulations solution provider ATOA Scientific Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ATOAST) has become its first COMSOL Certified Consultant in India. ATOAST provides advanced engineering simulation, industrial technology, and research services in such areas as engineered materials, product, process, and system design. The company specializes in helping its clients accelerate product development and reduce costs through multiphysics optimization of product designs in such areas as acoustics, chemical, electromagnetics, flow, optical, structural, and thermal.

“We’re delighted to announce the certification of ATOA Scientific Technologies as the first COMSOL Certified Consultant in the Indian Subcontinent,” says Vineet Dravid, Managing Director of COMSOL Multiphysics Pvt. Ltd. "ATOAST enables us to better serve leading-edge industries researching and developing new products and breakthrough technologies in areas as diverse as nano mechanics, nano biometrics, multimaterials, and composite materials.”

Headquartered in Bangalore and serving a global client base, ATOAST provides multiphysics expertise that can help manufacturers, developers, and researchers solve complex problems involving computational mechanics, multiphysics modeling, engineered materials, systems, and application technology. Multiscale simulations for linking macro engineering to micro mechanics to nano mechanics for products engineered from atomic level is a key area of the company's expertise. Additionally, ATOAST offers clients services for material characterization, prototyping, experimental testing for validation and verification, and part performance evaluation through its technology partner network.

"We work collaboratively with our clients to develop new products and technologies as well as to improve the performance and reduce costs of existing products and processes," says Dr. Raj C. Thiagarajan, Managing Director at ATOAST. "We leverage state-of-the-art simulation tools, such as COMSOL Multiphysics, and the most modern methodologies to provide high-level engineering simulation, research, and virtual product development services."

ATOAST developed its core competency in multiphysics modeling over decades of practical experience. It has worked with clients in diverse set of industries including aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, and renewable energy. Multiphysics application areas frequently encountered include aero-acoustics, aero-elasticity, biomechanics, chemical transport, conjugate heat transfer, fluid structure, piezoelectrics, RF heating, and thermo electricity.

"The business vision of ATOAST is to become a global leader in providing multiphysics engineering simulation services and solutions," says Dr. Thiagarajan. "Our technical vision is to proliferate multiphysics engineering simulations and material unity for innovative material, product, process, and system design by bridging atom to application."

"Achieving recognition as a COMSOL Consultant," adds Dr. Thiagarajan, "means that we are able to offer manufacturers and product developers certified engineering simulation expertise using world leading multiphysics analysis system."

The worldwide group of experts that are COMSOL Certified Consultants are innovative problem solvers who use their extensive experience with COMSOL Multiphysics and its discipline-specific products to deliver turnkey solutions for a wide range of modeling projects. COMSOL Certified Consultants produce ready-to-run models and reports as well as in-depth analyses of simulation results. The collective expertise of the COMSOL Certified Consultant group covers a breadth of applications and has resulted in the commercialization of many patented products.