Jun 26, 2011

Cimatron to Showcase Background Calculations, Motion Simulation and PMI at DMS Tokyo

Cimatron Limited announced today that its reseller Saeilo Japan will demonstrate the latest CimatronE CAD/CAM suite at the Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS), highlighting new capabilities including background calculations, motion simulation and PMI enhancements.

CimatronE is a CAD/CAM software solution for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of discrete parts that covers the entire manufacturing process from quoting to delivery.

The newest version of CimatronE (version 10) introduces powerful enhancements for mold makers, die makers, and manufacturers, providing exceptional value for current customers as well as extensive competitive benefits for new customers in a single integrated solution. The new version delivers new functionality and improvements across the entire CimatronE suite, in the areas of quoting, tool design, drawing, and NC programming.

The release of CimatronE 10 will introduce background calculations. This means that there will be no need to wait for toolpath processing to finish, as users will be able to continue normal work on a project while the computer calculates procedures in the background.

As a result of this capability, users will experience an immediate increase in productivity. While a rough calculation for an area is being calculated, users will be able to start work on a second rough, or on a procedure for a different area of the part. Users will also be able to verify, simulate and generate G-code for existing procedures and make changes to geometry in the CAD environment. Users will also be able, as before, to open several different sessions of CimatronE simultaneously.

The new version also includes built in motion simulation and analysis. Identifying errors before any machining or tryouts take place is one of the ways in which CimatronE's 3D solution shortens delivery times and reduces costs. The new motion simulator will allow CimatronE tool designers to test the efficacy of their tool design, isolating collisions and other problems at an early stage.

Product Manufacturing Information capabilities were introduced in an earlier version of CimatronE, allowing users to store Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) annotations including dimensions and other details. In this version, users will also be able to read PMI information from a larger selection of CAD systems and will be able to store a larger range of information as PMI annotations.

The DMS tradeshow will take place in Tokyo, Japan, starting June 22nd. CimatronE will be showcased in Saeilo Japan’s booth, which is located in hall 2, booth 8-20.