Jun 16, 2011

Cimatron to Demonstrate Ultra-Fast Material Removal and the SuperBox Accelerator at Technologia Israel 2011

Cimatron Limited has announced that it will showcase the latest versions of its software solutions at Technologia Israel. In addition, live machining will take place on two machines in the Israel Machine Tool Ltd. (IMTL) booth.

The Cimatron Group, one of the top seven largest global CAD/CAM suppliers, offers specialized solutions for mold and die makers, as well as solutions for 2.5-5 Axis production milling and turning.

New versions of Cimatron’s two main product lines, CimatronE 10.0 and GibbsCAM 2011 will be on show at the exhibition. The show will also preview the new patent pending CimatronE SuperBox, a toolpath off-loading and processing acceleration device that dramatically shortens NC programming time.

Also at the show, a 3-Axis milling machine powered by GibbsCAM, will demonstrate VoluMill, ultra high performance material removal technology.

GibbsCAM VoluMill generates toolpaths optimized for volumetric material removal, based upon desirable material removal rates, by using continuous tangential motion, specialized contour ramping and adaptive feed rates to achieve the highest feeds and speeds possible. By leveling tool load, maintaining constant machine-tool motion and using high-speed-repositioning, the software produces more efficient toolpaths, extends tool life and significantly reduces cycle times.

A second machine, the Nakamura WT 150 with two spindles and two turrets, will demonstrate efficient Multi-Tasking Machining (MTM). GibbsCAM is one of the few solutions on the market powerful enough to successfully program MTM machines with multiple spindles and turrets.

Technologia started on June 14th and will continue through June 16th in Tel Aviv, Israel. Cimatron Group will demonstrate GibbsCAM and CimatronE (hall 1, booth 37), while machining will take place in IMTL’s booth (hall 1, booth 46-47).