Jun 28, 2011

Cimatron Helps Brazilian Mold Makers Leverage New Government Incentives

Cimatron Limited announced today that it hosted open houses in Joinville and Sao Paolo, Brazil, with the aim of helping mold makers leverage new opportunities in the Brazilian manufacturing market.

The Cimatron Group, one of the seven largest global CAD/CAM suppliers, offers specialized solutions for mold and die makers, as well as solutions for 2.5-5 Axis production milling and turning. The company recently expanded its presence in Brazil by appointing a locally based country manager and recruiting four resellers to serve different regions of the country.

Brazil is a major global manufacturing center, with a significant plastics production industry. In May 2011, the Brazilian government announced incentives to increase the appeal of locally produced manufacturing machinery, opening up new markets and creating a larger pool of potential customers for Brazilian mold makers.

Following the announcement, Cimatron Brazil held two open houses in Joinville and Sao Paolo, aimed specifically at mold makers. The open houses addressed the growing need of local mold makers to deliver high quality molds faster than ever, focusing on how companies in other parts of the world dramatically shorten delivery time using CimatronE. Speakers also offered demonstrations of how CimatronE increases productivity, quality and profitability.

"We were very happy with the turn out and the success of the events in general," said Alex Censi, Cimatron Brazil's country manager. "These government incentives will make Brazilian molds and tools more appealing to local buyers, but mold makers will still have to stand out by offering the shortest delivery times, the most competitive pricing and the highest quality. Best-in-class CAD/CAM technology is essential to achieving these goals".

"The rapid growth that's expected in the Brazil market right now is a huge opportunity for mold makers," said Kobi Rosenwasser, Cimatron's VP for South America and APAC, who attended the events. "If mold makers put in the effort now to make their businesses more competitive in terms of delivery time, quality, and efficiency, they can really benefit from these opportunities. For those mold makers who aren't yet as fast as they would want to be: Cimatron has a proven record and we're here to help."

In Joinville, the open house was organized by CimatronE reseller CimaCAD. The open house in Sao Paolo was a collaboration between resellers Fitso, MTC and CadPro. The events took place on June 1st and June 2nd respectively.