Jun 26, 2011

Apriso Continues Aerospace & Defense Expansion with Thales Optronique Order

Manufacturer selects Apriso to elevate visibility and control across manufacturing operations to improve process traceability and efficiency.

Apriso, a leading provider of manufacturing software solutions, today announced Thales Optronique, a defense and security subsidiary of Thales Group that manufacturers reconnaissance pods and multi-application thermal cameras, has chosen to implement Apriso’s FlexNet as a Manufacturing Execution System.

An important objective for this project is to improve product and process visibility and traceability across manufacturing operations. FlexNet can also help simplify and improve management of Work in Process (WIP) by adding real-time visibility and control for better inventory management and readily accessible incident and nonconformance data. FlexNet’s ease of use and directed, role-based user interfaces can help expedite roll out and user acceptance, further accelerating the time to value of Thales Optronique’s investment.

“The complexity of manufacturing defense and security products now dictates the use of next-generation systems capable of simplifying complex processes down to the user interface level, while at the same time delivering the necessary visibility and traceability to ensure the highest quality,” explained Thales Optronique’s Industrial Director. “Our selection of Apriso was based on the flexibility of not only the platform and supported applications, but the ease of use we can expect as new or existing processes are changed, while retaining the necessary product and process traceability required within our highly regulated industry.”

“The flexibility afforded by a business process management or BPM-based manufacturing execution system pays many dividends to clients in the aerospace and defense industry, which Thales Optronique recognized as part of their evaluation,” commented Rick Gallisa, industry director at Apriso. “Process flexibility while retaining appropriate governance means that continuous improvement can be pursued with greater vigor without fear of nonconformance. This capability unlocks considerable value, especially those manufacturers that in the past had been constrained by legacy processes and systems.”