Jun 2, 2011

3D Imaging Pioneer, 3DIcon Corporation, Adds Dr. Pradeep Sen to Its Technical Advisory Board

Brings Expertise in Interactive, Real-Time Imaging for Next-Generation CSpace.

3DIcon Corporation, a developer of volumetric, three-dimensional projection and display technologies, today announced the appointment of computer graphics specialist, Dr. Pradeep Sen, to its Technical Advisory Board. Dr. Sen's expertise in image rendering and synthesis, including algorithms and hardware, will contribute to enabling real-time interactive imaging on CSpace®.

Dr. Sen is co-founder of the Advanced Graphics Lab at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of New Mexico, where he serves as Assistant Professor. The Advanced Graphics Lab is dedicated to research in computer graphics, visualization, imaging, and computer vision.

Dr. Sen has conducted research on graphics and optics as a Principal Investigator on five research grant awards totaling $1.2 million from agencies including the National Science Foundation and Sandia National Laboratories. He has published in 17 peer reviewed journals and conference publications. Dr. Sen holds a PhD from the renowned computer graphics department at Stanford University.

"Beyond the trade show prototype which is now being developed, next-generation CSpace displays will be distinguished by advanced, application-specific software. Professor Sen's purview of computer graphics – past, present, and future – will help us build a CSpace software platform suitable for rapid specialization, which will accelerate production and commercialization," stated Dr. Brian Hoover, 3DIcon's V.P. of Technology Development.