May 24, 2011

Transoft Solutions Enters 3D Space with Release of AutoTURN Pro 3D

The next step for modeling, analyzing, and visualizing vehicle simulations.

Vancouver, BC, Canada - Transoft Solutions Inc., developers of industry-leading software for the AEC community has announced the launch of AutoTURN Pro 3D, the latest and most advanced addition to the company’s suite of vehicle swept path analysis software. Featuring patent-pending technology, AutoTURN Pro 3D allows users to model, analyze, and visualize vehicle simulations in a 3D environment. Civil and transportation engineers can now work on complex vehicle facility and roadway infrastructure projects involving vertical and underside clearance assessments, detection of terrain or structural obstacles, and evaluate ‘punchthrough’ cross-sections within the 3D swept path envelope .

The new release is an enhanced version of the original AutoTURN software with the addition of powerful 3D design and reporting tools. With the growing popularity of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) around the industry, more designers are moving towards designing and creating visualization in a three-dimensional space. AutoTURN Pro 3D goes further than being a simple visualization tool and allows users to fully analyze and implement their ideas in 3D.

“We started working on the concept of incorporating 3D design and analysis functionality back in 2008. Based on customer feedback and our own engineering research over the years, our development team realized the benefits provided by this new direction,” said Billy Chan, Transoft Solutions Product Leader for AutoTURN, "We didn’t want to simply release a visualization software without it being fully functional in the 3D analysis aspect as well. Our team has worked extremely hard on this and is proud to be able to meet the needs of our clients. Designers in the AEC industry will immediately see the substantial value offered by saving time on projects and enhancing productivity.”

Additional AutoTURN Pro 3D functionality includes the following:
• Generate 3D vehicle swept path envelopes for design and analysis purposes.
• Create a cross-section through the 3D swept path at a given instance along the simulation and present it in a report format.
• Perform vertical clearance analysis along any section of the 3D swept path checking for potential terrain or object conflicts.
• Perform conflict analysis to detect where objects can interfere with the vehicle 3D swept path
• Create 3D vehicles by specifying the roofline of the vehicle and the three ground clearance values (front, wheelbase and rear).
• Convert a 2D vehicle simulation into 3D by selecting a terrain for the vehicle to interact with.
• Work with an included sample library of 3D realistic vehicles or use imported realistic 3D models for presentation purposes.