May 4, 2011

Stephen M. Bashada, Vice President of Teamcenter for Siemens PLM Software to Join Keynote Lineup at CPDA’s PLM Road Map™ 2011

Presentation will explore a framework for integrated modeling and decision support in automotive, aerospace, and industrial companies.

Riverside, CT – Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA), a provider of critical analyses for PLM decisions, announces that Siemens PLM Software’s Vice President of Teamcenter, Stephen M. Bashada, will join Georgia Tech’s Dr. Chris Paredis and Hewlett-Packard’s Christian Verstraete as a keynote speaker at PLM Road Map™ 2011 which will take place at The Inn at St. John's, outside of Detroit, on October 4th and 5th.

In his keynote presentation, A PLM Backbone for Comprehensive, Integrated Modeling and Decision Support, Steve Bashada will explore a framework for world-class PLM backbones in automotive, aerospace, and industrial companies. PLM tackles a neverending challenge: to integrate all product development and manufacturing engineering processes. That long-term mandate means PLM systems must evolve and adapt as they link a growing array of tools across an expanding set of disciplines. For example: Tying model-based systems engineering with detailed design creates new opportunities for semantically rich modeling. Embedded software management introduces subtle configuration logic, while the product master release process demands strict transactional integrity across complex databases. New modes of collaboration introduce new concepts for product structure and variety, and flexible data grouping becomes essential to precise communication across multiple product representations. The comprehensiveness and scale of modern PLM solutions marks a major shift from data management to comprehensive, integrated modeling and decision support. The presentation will also introduce new approaches for supporting multi-disciplinary modeling and real-time decision making during product and process development.

As Vice President of Teamcenter for Siemens PLM Software (Siemens), Steve Bashada was awarded the prestigious “Top Innovator Award” from Siemens in 2009 for his development and deployment of the Unified Teamcenter Architecture. Steve assumed his current role in 2001 following the merger of Engineering Animation, Inc. (EAI), SDRC, and Unigraphics Solutions. At Siemens, Steve drove the vision and development of the Teamcenter portfolio including Systems Engineering, DMU, Program Management, CAD Data Management, Mechatronics, Visualization and integration of Manufacturing Applications. Steve joined EAI in December 1998 as the Director of Marketing and was promoted to Vice President of Marketing and Development in August 1999. He was named Vice President and General Manager of Open Enterprise Visualization Solutions in November 1999, assuming responsibility for development, marketing, and business operations. Prior to joining EAI, Steve served as the President of the Applications Development Division at Sterling Software, and as Senior Vice President of Operations for KnowledgeWare, delivering product and process tools that facilitate the design and delivery of enterprise applications.

PLM Road Map™ 2011 is a strategic conference focused on the next generation of PLM integration. Explore firsthand the progress, opportunities, and roadblocks currently confronting end-users.