May 30, 2011

Schneider Form GmbH uses Proleis and decides to implement Tebis CAM across the entire group

In search of a powerful manufacturing planning and PDM system and a single-platform strategy to go with it, Schneider Form GmbH in Dettingen unter Teck has selected Proleis and Tebis CAD/CAM. The mold manufacturer with 300 employees offers its customers end-to-end solutions in the die casting and plastics processing sectors, ranging from product development to prototypes to validated 70-t production tooling. Numerous awards and patents have made Schneider Form a center of innovation in mold making.

To achieve faster and more efficient manufacturing processes, Schneider Form has decided to implement a more comprehensive system for its production planning. The objective was to find a solution that could be integrated to the greatest possible degree with the Tebis CAD/CAM software already in use. That’s why the company selected the Proleis production planning and PDM system also offered by Tebis. The decision was supported by an analysis indicating poten-tial savings of hundreds of thousands of euros annually, ensuring Schneider Form that the investment would pay for itself in a relatively short time. This analysis was provided by Tebicon GmbH, a Tebis AG consulting and implementation subsidiary, on the basis of expenditure and cost data pro-vided by Schneider Form employees. The Tebicon experts will also be responsible for implementing Proleis for production planning and data management, thus ensuring that its potential can be fully and smoothly exploited.

In order to further back up this strategic system decision, Schneider Form also ran a benchmark test with other CAD/CAM systems. Tebis won in this test, especially with regard to computing times and surface quality.

"Just as we create solutions for our customers that deliver the best-possible returns throughout their entire life span, we also rely on quality and long-term partnerships when it comes to our own infrastructure", explains Dr. Louis Schneider, the Managing Director of Schneider Form. "Here the Tebis solutions are a perfect fit, in production planning and data management as well as with CAD/CAM functions. Our investments will pay off quickly through substantially higher productivity."