May 4, 2011


Seoul, South Korea - INUS Technology, Inc announced today that its worldwide revenue for the first quarter of 2011 represents a 38% jump from the same period in 2010. The company experienced their best sales year ever in their 13 year history in 2010. Given that pattern, the company expects 2011 to show accelerating growth, as its products become more popular among manufacturers, research institutions and universities. Industry trends indicate that more organizations are investing in 3D scanning technology for research and development, manufacturing and quality control.

John Morewood, Owner of Zip-Bit, Inc. in San Francisco says, “Rapidform XOR3 is by far the ‘gold’ standard with powerful built-in object and feature recognition intelligence and a full featured tool set.” John adds, “What takes me an hour to do in XOR3 takes about ten times the effort/time in [regular CAD software].”

The company’s success in Q1 2011 sales is internationally attributed, especially in Japan which broke all previous sales records, even despite the economic effects of the tsunami. “Our sales performance this year is a continuation of our robust growth through all of 2010,” said Calvin Hur, CEO of INUS Technology. “This growth is an indication that manufacturers around the world are recognizing the benefits of Rapidform. We’re coming out of a tough business climate, but as we continue to drive innovation and make 3D scanning more productive for our customers, we’re seeing strong demand for our best-in-class software.”

The company’s line of Rapidform software products works in conjunction with 3D scanners from every major manufacturer. Rapidform XOR software is used to make CAD models from 3D scan data, while Rapidform XOS software is focused on creating high quality mesh and surface models from 3D scans. Rapidform XOV and InspectWorks allow companies to take a 3D scan of any object and compare it to a CAD design for verification purposes. By and large, Rapidform is considered the leader in reverse engineering technology.