May 25, 2011

MathWorks Strengthens Physical Modeling Capabilities with Enhancements to SimDriveline

Simplifies integration of multiple physical domains into drivetrain models.

MathWorks today announced a new version of SimDriveline that helps simplify the integration of other physical domains into drivetrain models, including thermal losses in geartrains, electrical solenoids, and hydraulically actuated clutches. SimDriveline, based on MathWorks Simscape technology, helps engineers model and simulate mechanical systems in Simulink for a variety of automotive, aerospace, defense, and industrial applications.

With SimDriveline software, teams can model simple and complex systems in one environment more easily than with signal-based or input/output-based methods. Enhancements to SimDriveline include gear loss models that capture meshing and viscous losses for efficiency studies, and more accurate and efficient simulation for systems involving multiple, simultaneous clutch events.

SimDriveline is based on Simscape technology, so that teams can connect directly to other physical modeling libraries and leverage other simulation capabilities, such as data logging and Simscape local solvers. Using these libraries and capabilities helps engineers spend more time refining their designs and less time setting up models and tests.

“One of the advantages of Simscape physical modeling products is that they allow engineers to focus more on innovation and less on programming,” said Mattia Gallucci, Design Analysis Engineer, at Airbus. “With SimDriveline, I can quickly build up a model of the powertrain that looks just like a diagram of the system. The components are easy to parameterize and configure, and simulations run fast. SimDriveline has allowed us to model and integrate different systems, making it easier for our design teams to determine the requirements for powertrain systems.”

“It is critical for engineers working toward an optimized design to model their software algorithms and physical system together in a single environment and to detect integration issues as early as possible,” said Paul Barnard, marketing director of design automation at MathWorks. “MathWorks physical modeling tools help support engineers through every stage of Model-Based Design, bringing accuracy and efficiency to the workflow.”