May 17, 2011

LMS releases LMS Test.Xpress Rev 5A and new LMS SCADAS Durability Recorder 02 for increased flexibility and productivity when durability testing

Guaranteeing speed and certainty for daily test routines, the latest 5A revision of LMS Test.Xpress includes various dedicated functions and features for durability data acquisition. Highly efficient, LMS Test.Xpress Rev 5A permits fast and accurate test set-ups, including higher channel counts, and seamless, high-quality data delivery in one single package. LMS also extended its durability hardware portfolio with the LMS SCADAS Durability Recorder 02, which offers a dedicated 16-channel configuration.

“The LMS solutions are very user friendly. Especially, the LMS Test.Xpress data acquisition software is extremely easy-to-use. Tests are quickly set up; the overall test preparation time decreases. Just one click is enough to balance all channels. Before, test preparation and execution used to be a lengthy process. I felt that the time we spent in measuring data was out of proportion to the results we got. Today, overall measurement time is reduced by half,” stated Mr. Ferhan Ficici, R&D Director at Hidromek in Turkey. “Easy-to-use in every way, the LMS solution has really helped us exceed our goals relating to durability, performance and ergonomics.”

Durability testing experts will especially welcome strain gauge and durability sensor support improvements including fast balancing, intuitive sensitivity and supply settings. They can also derive more information from CAN signals with new messages, message identification and decoding information. For special applications, engineers can also define a low-pass filter and oversampling factors and data processing can be executed on selected time segments when required. Single-click data export has been extended to the following formats: nCode DAC, National Instruments DIAdem and IST RigSys.

The new release covers multimedia as well. Export to WAV files can be automatically or manually scaled for optimal audio range usage. And LMS Test.Xpress 5A permits measurement data-video synchronization for offline video integration using a Racelogic Video VBOX.

Recently added to the LMS data acquisition hardware family, the LMS SCADAS Durability Recorder 02 is a flexible 16-channel recorder that teams up perfectly with the new release of LMS Test.Xpress Rev 5A. Like the LMS SCADAS Durability Recorder, the new hardware offers the same unique combination of strain, vibration and displacement measurements in one singular module. And like other dedicated LMS SCADAS recorders, it delivers secure data acquisition under extreme conditions. On-site users can benefit from immediate safe and secure data validation thanks to the LMS SCADAS Recorder Smart Control, which includes GPS time and local time zone offset and signal power confirmation. Extra security is available with shunt and balance checks to verify the bridge channels against pre-defined tolerance levels.

“Our goal with the entire LMS durability data acquisition solution is to offer the most flexible portfolio on the market. This is why LMS provides a unique combination of strain, vibration and displacement measurements in one single module. Together, the new LMS SCADAS Durability Recorder 02 hardware and the latest LMS Test.Xpress Rev 5A software form a multi-purpose solution guaranteed to accelerate and simplify daily test routines and help engineers efficiently complete any test job,” Bruno Massa, Vice-President, Test Division at LMS International.