May 11, 2011

Levitronix Contracts with PUMP-FLO Solutions

PUMP-FLO™ Solutions (An Engineered Software Business), a provider of software solutions to the fluid handling industry, announced that Levitronix®, a leading ultra pure fluid pump manufacturer, has awarded PUMP-FLO Solutions a contract for its PUMP-FLO™ selection software.

Under terms of the agreement, Levitronix will license the desktop PUMP-FLO software and include their magnetically levitated centrifugal pump line catalog on the PUMP-FLO website.

"We are pleased to have the Levitronix catalog available to our customers in the ultra pure fluid industry. This specialized industry has shown increasing interest in our PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO product lines and Levitronix is a world-wide technology leader in this industry. By leveraging their pump catalog with us, Levitronix pumps will be easily accessible to the system designers and engineers who actually build ultra pure fluid piping systems. Creating a direct link to their customer base, this is a win-win across the board," said Michael Blondin, Chief Operating Officer at Engineered Software, Inc.

The PUMP-FLO software allows users to search across a manufacturers' pump catalog to generate a dynamic pump curve based on a system design point search. Additional search criteria include fluid properties, motor sizing, NPSH calculations, pump limits, and system operating points. Once a dynamic pump curve is generated, users have the ability to trim impeller diameters, adjust operating speeds, and dynamically generate electronic curves & data sheet reports. The PUMP-FLO selection engine is developed by Engineered Software, Inc. and is fully integrated into the PIPE-FLO Professional program used to design, simulate, analyze and optimize fluid piping systems.