May 11, 2011

Lattice Technology Announces Membership in the JT Open Program

Benefits of XVL Solutions now available to JT users.

San Francisco: Lattice Technology has become a Vendor Member in the JT Open Program, and is announcing support for the 3D JT™ data format.

"JT has been widely accepted within the industry as a flexible, reliable, and viewable 3D data format," said Bill Barnes, Lattice Technology, Inc. General Manager, "By adding JT support to our Lattice Technology XVL solutions, we are able to extend the lightweight 3D utilization solutions based on JT. Those solutions, including design review, process planning and technical communications, will further enhance the value of JT to users wishing to re-use JT data in design and manufacturing processes."

Lattice Technology’s XVL Technical Collaboration and Illustration solutions enable easy use of existing 3D JT data representing individual parts or large assemblies to create high quality technical illustrations, stunning images and easy to understand animations for use in any type of technical document such as parts catalogs, service documentation, manufacturing instructions, supplier communications, etc.

Using Lattice Technology’s XVL documentation solutions, JT data can be embedded as XVL data in interactive 3D Excel spreadsheets that also contain list data such as work instructions, assembly processes, parts lists, and other manufacturing data. Users can enhance their work performance and productivity by exploiting the interactivity of the data – click on a listed part and the related 3D part will be highlighted and can be viewed, rotated, cross-sectioned, measured and so on. Click on a work process or instruction and the 3D animation related to that process will be shown. Customers using Lattice Technology solutions have experienced significant improvements in assembly processes on the shop floor, parts ordering accuracy and learning of new maintenance processes.

Lattice Technology XVL digital mock up solutions deliver enhanced levels of functionality for process design, digital mock up, checking and visualization of 3D data. Now, JT users can employ the industry's most accurate compression technology using XVL® with Ultra Large Data Handling (ULDH) technology that makes it even easier to check, visualize and verify the accuracy of very large assemblies, create and test processes and to document those processes for downstream users.