May 11, 2011

Informative Graphics Announces Release of Latest Redact-It

New Redact-It 2.0 Offers Expanded Format Support, Threaded Discussions, Support for Regular Expressions and New Time-Saving Features.

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) officially releases Redact-It® 2.0, the newest version of its electronic redaction software. Professionals in legal and healthcare markets, law enforcement, government offices, financial institutions and more trust Redact-It to remove sensitive information from documents before releasing them to broader audiences.

This latest version of Redact-It includes OCR (optical character recognition) for PDF files, support for even more formats including WordPerfect, and the addition of IGC’s Changemarks® comment tool, which enables threaded discussions between reviewers. With Redact-It 2.0, users can now apply regular expressions to build custom search strings or re-use search strings already used in a different process, as in eDiscovery. The new version boasts new time-saving features, like the ability to highlight and remove text from all places where it appears in the document, and the ability to redact a specific area or zone across all pages.

“IGC continues to lead the industry in redaction technology,” said Gary Heath, president and CEO of IGC. “We are committed to innovating features and refining functionality to help users review and redact documents quickly and reliably. This release of Redact-It does just that.”

Key features of Redact-It 2.0 include:

Expanded format support, including WordPerfect, TXT and RTF
Ability to perform OCR on PDF documents, creating searchable text
Support for regular expressions
Option to add Changemarks comments, enabling users to reply and mark the current
state of the discussion
Automatically redact all instances of highlighted text throughout the document
Redaction of a particular area of a page across all pages of a document

A 15-day trial version is available at: www.redact-it.com/download. The base version of Redact-It Desktop is available immediately and priced at $195 per user.