May 31, 2011

GRAPHISOFT Supports Japan Relief Efforts

GRAPHISOFT Japan has announced that it is supporting the relief efforts in Japan, following the March earthquake and tsunami that left parts of the island nation in ruins.

Through the end of June, GRAPHISOFT Japan will donate to the Japanese Red Cross ¥10,000 for every full version of ArchiCAD sold and ¥5,000 for every ArchiCAD Solo version sold. Furthermore, colleagues of GRAPHISOFT’s Japan office have donated over ¥100,000. Donations, which are being sent at the end of each month, were already made at the end of March and April.

“We believe that in times of such terrible disasters, successful businesses are duty-bound to help with the rebuilding efforts. Through our initiative, we would like to contribute to the rebuilding efforts in the most effective way, which we believe is a simple cash donation,” said Bence Kovacs, Managing Director, GRAPHISOFT Japan.

For further information about GRAPHISOFT Japan’s efforts, please click here: http://www.graphisoft.co.jp/community/update/20110325.html