May 26, 2011

Fishbowl Solutions Releases Google Search Appliance Connector for Oracle Universal Content Management

Fishbowl Solutions, an Oracle Enterprise Content Management and WebCenter Specialized Gold Partner and a Google Enterprise Partner, has announced the release of their Google Search Appliance Connector for Oracle Universal Content Management (Oracle UCM). This software component enables integration between Oracle UCM and a Google Search Appliance (GSA). With Fishbowl’s GSA Connector for Oracle UCM, users have an alternative to the standard database search options of Oracle UCM by harnessing the power of the Google’s search technology inside the firewall.

Fishbowl’s GSA Connector integrates organizational websites, intranets and document management systems that are managed by Oracle UCM with the GSA device. Once integrated with Oracle UCM, the GSA indexes the content and metadata in the Oracle Content Server database. When users perform searches in Oracle UCM, the search results are returned using the familiar Google.com list view interface. The GSA is also extensible to index sources beyond Oracle UCM including file shares and other content stores, as well as content stored in the cloud and the public web, providing users with a single place from which to search all enterprise content and provide a truly universal search experience.

“Our mission is to help organizations solve knowledge sharing problems. With the GSA Connector, organizations combine an industry leading content repository with an industry leading search technology,” said Tim Gruidl, President of Fishbowl Solutions. “Connecting UCM and a Google Search Appliance allows organizations to increase employee productivity by empowering users to gain more immediate access to the content and data they need.”

Fishbowl’s Google Search Appliance Connector supports Oracle UCM 10 and 11g. Features of the connector include:

○ Ability to search multiple Oracle UCM instances

○ Search text, date and integer metadata fields

○ Intelligently Process SiteStudio Sites

○ Results link to full-context web pages instead of XML files

○ Content in hidden sections is not indexed

○ Selectively include or exclude metadata fields from search index per content server instance

○ Ability to use custom search result templates and interfaces

As a Google Enterprise Partner, Fishbowl Solutions has the ability to resell the Google Search Appliance. Oracle UCM customers now have the convenience of working with one software, hardware and integration services provider to improve and maximize their enterprise search capabilities.

Fishbowl Solutions was founded in 1999. Their areas of expertise include: Oracle Enterprise Content Management (Oracle ECM) and PTC’s Product Development System (PDS). Fishbowl Solutions is an officially certified Oracle ECM and WebCenter Specialized Partner with an outstanding reputation of working with the Oracle (formerly Stellent) Enterprise 2.0 product suite, specializing in content management, and has become an industry leader in the software and consulting industry.